Healing for your skin.

Kawakawa, Neem, Turmeric, Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.

Clear-A-Skin’s range of natural ingredients make it an effective balm for your skin in a variety of ways: helpful for conditions like eczema, boils and circulatory insufficiences including chillblains; soothes inflammation; antiseptic; antimicrobial and moisturising.

Kawakawa, one of the main ingredients of Clear-A-Skin, is especially known to be used in ointments offering a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect to users, while Turmeric is not only known for its antimicrobial benefits, but also as a common remedy for liver and stomach issues, as well as a cure for sores when applied topically.

Heaven Scent
Promotes healthy cell regeneration and supports existing cell and tissue health. An ancient anointing oil
Price: $15.00