Dora – from Waikato

I am 42 years old and have had 2 babies in the last 20 months.  In that time, I became very unwell as my main organs struggled to function with the pressures of pregnancy.  As a result I was placed on medication to assist my body, however I became increasingly unwell in the last trimester resulting in emergency c-sections.  I was placed on 4 medications at the maximum dose – spending a total of 5 months in hospital.  During this time the tests indicated the medication was attacking my liver and I increasingly became unwell.  I discharged myself ignoring the Drs wishing to monitor me for another 3 months.  I took myself off the medicine slowly trotting the quantities down.  However my liver has been affected and my stomach began to swell and I would wake with painful flanks and sore feet, finding it hard to walk, feeling constantly exhausted and low.  I realised I needed detoxing.  I was drinking baking soda daily.  A friend gave me a bottle of rongoa Moringa to try out.  I googled it and saw that there would be no unwanted side effects longterm to my body.  I took 1 tablet morning and night for 2 days – nothing happened.  On the 3rd day i felt discomfort where I felt the herb was dislodging the toxins in my liver – and later in the day I expelled them – for the next 4 days.  But not in a uncontrollable manner, although I chose to stay home for my comfort.  on day 4 the soles of my feet hurt all day.  Later in the evening again I experienced another detox episode expelling the toxins.  By day 5 I noticed I no longer woke with sore flanks and sore feet and felt revived and refreshed with energy.  I am so impressed I am telling my family and friends who have similar medical conditions – and like myself, their body is so full of the pharmaceutical poisons that its attacking their main organs, and now need immediate detoxification.  I had no idea how poisoned I was.  My swelling/bloat in my stomach has reduced significantly.  My husband has now also started taking the product and he also experienced the detoxification effect – although his was immediately that same day.  He insists we maintain taking the product for at least 3 months to ensure we both clean and purify our main organs.
Dora – Waikato