Source and Supply

Encapsulating and Polishing Spice of LIfe productsWe are committed to providing you the best possible product so, from sourcing to packaging, we pursue quality.

All spices are sourced internationally. We recognise that growing spices in bulk is not something that happens in New Zealand. Other nations, however, have centuries of experience. In order to ensure that nature’s vitality is well represented, our spices only originate in places with a reputation for quality.

Bottling and Powder Filling Spice of Life productsBefore being processed, our spices are accredited with a certificate of analysis for consistency and purity.

Despite our confidence in our suppliers we apply this second level of quality control to make sure that our spices really will promote wellness in people.

Blending Spice of Life quality formulations of spicesEvery one of our products is blended, encapsulated and bottled in New Zealand.

The plant where our product is processed meets quality assured standards and also complies with today’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. While the production of dietary supplements is not required to meet GMP standards we are reassured that everything possible has been done to maintain the quality of our product.