sageSage has such a long history of health benefits even its botanical name (Salvis officinalis) refers to them. The name is derived from the Latin word salvare, meaning to save or cure. Spice of Life choose to make use of the fantastic benefits of this spice in their product Restoration where it supplements the effects of cayenne pepper.

Sage As A Memory Booster

This spice can help your mind to function more clearly. It has been proven to assist with better, faster recall; maintaining a calm, content mood and even preventing age related memory loss.

Moving down the body sage can also be beneficial for sufferers of head cold, sore throat, heartburn, indigestion and diarrhea. One of the roughly 900 varieties of sage (Chinese sage or Salvia miltiorrhiza) has been shown to reduce the build up of arterial plaque in people with heart disease. Tension in smooth muscle can also be reduced by sage’s anti-spasmodic action.