turmericThe health related benefits of Turmeric have been known in both India and China for the last 2000 years. Healers have used it to combat a wide range of illness ranging from digestion issues to depression; headaches to relieving congestion.

In the present day, turmeric has been found not only to slow the spread of many cancerous cells but to augment the effects of more mainstream treatments such as chemotherapy.

Turmeric’s active ingredient is called curcumin. Curcumin is such a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory there is almost no part of the body which doesn’t benefit from it.

Turmeric As A Preventive Solution

The list of ways in which turmeric has been proven effective is long: people suffering from circulatory system ailments such as high blood pressure and heart disease benefit from regular consumption of Turmeric; it is as effective as many anti-inflamatory medications – with no side effects; stomach and digestive complaints can be resolved as can chest colds and other congestion.

Of course preventing illness is a much better use of this amazing spice and that is why Spice of Life has used it in some products. The properties of turmeric that help reduce the effects of inflamation will promote healthy joint function. In the same way turmeric can strengthen your digestive, circulatory and immune systems.


Triphala is a blend of three different spices: amlachubelic and belleric myrobalan.
Together they produce a potent compund with antioxidant, bacteria-killing, and immune-enhancing properties.

triphala - amlatriphala - myrobalan

Triphala And Digestive Systems

Drawing on the properties of its ingredients, triphala can be used as a gentle laxative and stimulatant for digestive health. Liver and gallbladder function and the immunity system can all be boosted with triphala. It also assists in easing inflammation. Some people use Triphala to detox or cleanse their system and used as a treatment to reduce the symptoms of diabetes, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, relieve constipation, cure gas symptoms, and treat certain eye diseases, among others.


sageSage has such a long history of health benefits even its botanical name (Salvis officinalis) refers to them. The name is derived from the Latin word salvare, meaning to save or cure. Spice of Life choose to make use of the fantastic benefits of this spice in their product Restoration where it supplements the effects of cayenne pepper.

Sage As A Memory Booster

This spice can help your mind to function more clearly. It has been proven to assist with better, faster recall; maintaining a calm, content mood and even preventing age related memory loss.

Moving down the body sage can also be beneficial for sufferers of head cold, sore throat, heartburn, indigestion and diarrhea. One of the roughly 900 varieties of sage (Chinese sage or Salvia miltiorrhiza) has been shown to reduce the build up of arterial plaque in people with heart disease. Tension in smooth muscle can also be reduced by sage’s anti-spasmodic action.


gingerHistorically, ginger has been highly valued for its health benefits, as well as its flavour. In the Middle Ages less than half a kilogram was equivalent in value to a sheep! Fortunately, while the ginger in Spice of Life’s products carries the same benefits as it did then, the price is far lower.

Ginger Soothing Motion Sickness Symptoms

Ginger is a traditional Chinese remedy to counteract motion sickness. This benefit has been proven in a study involving the University of Michigan and Taiwan’s National Ying-Ming University. In fact, ginger can be used as a remedy for any nausea – morning sickness, post surgery or chemotherapy nausea, as well as nausea with many other causes.

Other proven benefits of ginger include reducing the pain caused by arthritis and migraines; moderating symptoms of asthma; increasing the rate of digestion; reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol and increasing ‘good’ cholesterol; potentially reducing the chance of heart attacks and strokes as well as activating a ‘suppressor gene’ for certain types of cancer.

Chubelic & Belleric Myrobalan

Chubelic & Belleric MyrobalanThe various types myrobalan are dried fruit from a variety of trees of the genus Terminalia. Spice of Life uses two types of myroballan in combination with the spice amla to produce triphala.

Chubelic & Belleric Myrobalan Digestive Benefits

Chubelic Myrobalan generally benefits the digestive system. It is used as a safe and effictive laxative as well as a remedy for diarrhea and dysentery.

Belleric Myrobalan has its effect a little further up the body. In addition to this, it supports the lungs, throat and voice. It is also used externally for sore eyes and as hair conditioner. (Don’t use our capsules for these last two – specific preparation is required.)

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne PepperCayenne pepper was named for the city of Cayenne in French Guiana but is also known by a variety of other names. It’s a great way to add an extra kick to your cooking although, for some people, it can make the meal a bit too hot. Spice of Life’s capsules are a great alternative way to benefit from the health benefits of this amazing spice.

Your circulatory system will benefit from regular consumption of cayenne pepper. It reduces blood cholesterol and helps regulate the blood flow through your body – thus equalizing blood pressure. Cayenne also assists the body to dissolve fibrin,  a substance critical to the development of blood clots.

It seems strange for such a hot spice but cayenne pepper improves digestion. Digestive problems such as abdominal cramps, acidity and gas are reduced and it also acts as a diaretic.

Cayenne Pepper And Capsaicin

Along with vitamins A and C, B-complex vitamins and high levels of essential minerals, cayenne spice contains capsaicin. This is what makes cayenne so hot to eat. Capsaicin also assists with reducing inflammation and nerve pain.

The vitamin A content of cayenne, in combination with its pro-vitamin A carotenoids, help to keep epithelial tissues healthy. This is particularly good as our ephithelial tissue cover or lines all our internal and external body surfaces.

Black Pepper

black pepperBlack pepper is perhaps best known as a way to add flavour to our food but it has many other qualities that may not be known quite so well. Many of Spice of Life’s products include black pepper as it works as an activator for other spices.

Known as King of Spices, pepper aids the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In doing so it augments the digestive process which in turn reduces the production of gas. Minimising the amount of gas in your body can dramatically reduce heartburn and other gastric problems. Related to this effect on the digestive system is pepper’s diuretic property.

Black Pepper And Its Components

Piperine, one of the components of pepper, is known to aid in the absorption of many nutrients found in food – B vitamins and selenium, for example.

A number of beneficial minerals are also found in black pepper. Potassium, for example, helps the body control blood pressure and heart rate; iron, which is also found in pepper, assists in the production of blood cells.

Like many spices, pepper is an antioxidant. It prevents the development of free radicals which can potentially cause damage to your body’s cells.

Interesting fact: Different coloured peppers actually all come from the same plant. They are simply picked at different stages of development.


amlaAlso known as the Indian Gooseberry, amla is combined with chubelic and belleric myrobalans to make triphala. It is in this form that it is used in Spice of Life’s products.

Amla has a Vitamin C content twenty to thirty times that of a regular orange. This makes it a valuable antioxidant as well as bolstering our bodies’ immune system and healing process.

Amla Enhancing Assimilation Of Food

This spice can assist your digestive system by strengthening absorption and assimilation of food into the body. It also helps in the absorption of calcium  which makes it beneficial for your bones, teeth, nails and hair – assisting them to stay in good repair.

Protein synthesis is enhanced by amla. This means that regular use of amla strengthens bodily tissue, especially muscles. Combined with it’s antioxidant properties, this means that amla is a valuable part of the diet for those who exercise regularly.

‘Bad’ cholesterol is also reduced by amla.