Sages Wisdom from the Himalayas

Words of wisdom from 24th July 2016

In the Kitchen with Tumeric
Tumeric is the only readily available edible source of curcumin, so you want to make sure to get it in your diet as much as possible. When cooked, it has a mild fragrance, somewhat reminiscent of ginger and orange, with a slight peppery taste.
The spice will mellow as it is cooked. Just heat a little oil in a panand sprinkleit with turmeric, stirring it with a wooden spoon so it doesn’t burn.

~ Heat oil in a pan and add turmeric as just described and add vegetables to make a stir-fry.
~Try the same thing with sliced apples.
~Add turmeric to your standard meat.
~ Add turmeric to scrambled eggs.
~Add a tablespoon of tumeric to a large pot of chicken noodle soup.
~Blend it in melted butter and drizzle it over cooked vegetables.

Words of wisdom from 29th June 2016

Disease is our foremost obstacle. In the final analysis, disease is caused by seemingly beginingless ignorance.We are ignorant about the innate wisdom of the body, so instead of discovering the cause and cure of a disease within the body, we search for it in the external world.

We fail to realize there are ten times as many microbes bacteria fungi in a healthy human body as there are human cells. We insist alien agents germs bacteria and viruses – are the cause of our sickness and seek to cure by eliminating them. But the truth is , outside forces can affect us adversely only when the host within us gives them the opportunity..such toxins that weaken our body are doubt carelessness sloth inability to withdraw from sense cravings clinging to misunderstanding inability to find peace in our life…

Words of wisdom from 30th May 2016

The science of sciences and the Art of Arts is the capacity to master harmful thoughts.The method and remedy against them is to watch for the appearance and their suggestion and always keep the thought pure. Just as we protect the eye, watching sharply for anything which might injure it and not letting even a speck of dust come near it.For attaining a peaceful life we must keep an  unrelenting watch over our daily  habits  over words actions thoughts character and heart…

Words of wisdom from 24th May 2016

Worry is the discrepancy between your expectations and reality…

Even when something joyful happens, you remember only the moment it ended..
the mind has a clear identity only with pain, never with joy. Joy never gets recorded as thoughts.

That is why when you are joyful you feel light, because nothing gets recorded. When you see everything through worry, more thoughts get recorded in you and you feel heavy.


Words of wisdom from 4th May 2016

Welcome : This is the first of some useful words that have come down through the ages from those wise ones that help us in our journey in the short span of living called our life.. blessings


Just follow the heart. Just love more, thats all !  Feel more. Enjoy more so that  you can feel your heart. Watch the sunrise, sunset, clouds, rainbows, birds, flowers, animals, rocks, people, and watch them with awareness. Look into their eyes. Existence is multidimensional. Look into every dimension like a poet. Expand your consciousness and experience every single detail of existence with love. Slowly the ego will lose its hold and disappear.





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Our Story

Spice of Life Founder Neil PembertonThe idea of making the vitality of spices more accessible to the average New Zealand consumer was a long time in the making…

It developed as a result of many trips to India – as well as studies in the areas of herbal medicine and aryvida practice. Seeing the benefits of a spicy diet in India, it seemed likely that the wellness of the average kiwi could be enhanced by applying the same principles.

We were not the first westerners to have that idea

Back in the eighth century, the famous king and conqueror, Charlemagne quipped: “Spices, the friend of physicians and the pride of cooks.” During his time spice was a major part of the economy across the world.

Now, in the twenty first century, ‘Spice of Life’ products combine complementary blended spices in gelatin capsules. As a result, our products enhance the effects of individual spices. The encapsulating process allows the spices to be taken without the need for processing through cooking. This is an excellent option for those with sensitive palates or an aversion to spices.

Spice of Life logo Our logo symbolises our driving motivation – love

Knowing what we do about the benefits of spices, we felt we had no option other than to share them with others.

We originally produced our first capsules using a manual system that made only 20 capsules at a time. However, that original product proved so popular we quickly found ourselves struggling to keep up with demand!

As a result, the full ‘Spice of Life’ product range was born.

Ancient Formulas

using nature’s vitality to restore wellness


Spice blends based on Ancient Formulas …

The formulas used in these products are copied exactly from ancient palm leaf manuscripts. Namely, ‘Aphorisms on Medicine’ by Indian Guru Gorakshanath (also known as Gorakhnath). This is ancient knowledge of the medicinal power contained in the leaves, flowers, fruit and certain roots when they are mixed/blended in various synergistic combinations. These powerful health promoting Ancient Formulas are now available in Spice of Life products.

siddha palm leaf manuscripts image

The oldest traditional treatment system…

The Siddha Science is the oldest traditional treatment system generated from Dravidian culture. The Siddha flourished in the period of Indus Valley Civilization. Palm Leaf Manuscripts say that the Siddha System was first described by Lord Shiva to his wife, Parvathi. Parvathi explored all this knowledge and taught it to her son, Lord Muruga. He in turn, taught his disciple, Sage Agasthya. Agasthya then taught 18 Siddhars who spread this knowledge far and wide.

“Siddha medicine” means medicine that is perfect…

Siddha medicine is claimed to revitalize and rejuvenate dysfunctional organs that cause the disease and to maintain the ratio of vata, pitta and kapha. The siddha medicines given to practitioners include leaves, flowers, fruit and various roots in a mixed or blended basis.

Sissha Medicine uses leaves, flowers, fruit and various roots in a mixed basis

The ancients knew some amazing things…

The secret is in the knowing the perfect combinations of which ancient spices and other ingredients work powerfully and synergistically together to produce the best effect on the body. By following the ancient formulas ‘Spice of Life’ can offer products that are wonderfully effective at promoting health and vitality; yet, because they are virtually unknown in these formulations in this part of the world, are unlikely to be obtained anywhere else.

Source and Supply

Encapsulating and Polishing Spice of LIfe productsWe are committed to providing you the best possible product so, from sourcing to packaging, we pursue quality.

All spices are sourced internationally. We recognise that growing spices in bulk is not something that happens in New Zealand. Other nations, however, have centuries of experience. In order to ensure that nature’s vitality is well represented, our spices only originate in places with a reputation for quality.

Bottling and Powder Filling Spice of Life productsBefore being processed, our spices are accredited with a certificate of analysis for consistency and purity.

Despite our confidence in our suppliers we apply this second level of quality control to make sure that our spices really will promote wellness in people.

Blending Spice of Life quality formulations of spicesEvery one of our products is blended, encapsulated and bottled in New Zealand.

The plant where our product is processed meets quality assured standards and also complies with today’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. While the production of dietary supplements is not required to meet GMP standards we are reassured that everything possible has been done to maintain the quality of our product.


There is no secret ingredient in our products. We just use nature’s vitality to restore wellness to people. Knowing how each spice can help and how they work together is all it takes.

If you want to know more about the ingredients in our products simply choose one from the ingredients menu at the top of this page or choose one from the list below.

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